Ioannis Christou - Egyptian Tabla

Ioannis ChristouIoannis Christou was born in 1976 in Athens. Ηις first teacher of the Egyptian tabla is Mohammed Arafia (Chenkis) from Alexandria, Egypt and Talal Hassan from the city of Homs, Syria. He worked for many years in Arabic Night Shahrazand, Ali baba, Zehra, Maralinas, Babyl, Gade and he Collaborated among others with Halil Fayat, Nazwa Aboumalek, Doris Fahat, Gaby Sharestan, Nagy Freiha, Genwa Ganam, Hissam Amer, Ziad Ragab. Ioannis Christou is a graduate of Byzantine music since 1995 and also graduate of special harmony.

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