Nektarios Stamatelos - Nay
Neyzen of Al Mahabba EnsembleNektarios Stamatelos was born in September 1974 in Mitilini of Lesvos. He began learning music in 1996 playing the Ney, with schoolteacher G.Symeonidis, in the Musical Laboratory “Labyrinth”of Ross Daly, while he participated in the courses of music theory and in the musical ensembles of the conservatoire. After that he had Ney courses with Harris Lambrakis and Eastern music theory lessons with Christos Tsiamoulis. The summertime of 2003 and 2004, he took part in the Ney seminars of Ross Daly’s Musical Laboratory “Labyrinth “ in Houdetsi, a small village of Crete, with Omer Erdogdular. He has participated in concerts with various musical ensembles, in theatrical performancies, documentaries, in radio and television broadcasts, as well as in the traditional orchestra of National Conservatoire of Athens. He is a founding member of the Arabic music ensemble “ Al Mahabba ”, which from 2003, performes in musical scenes of Athens, as well as in concerts. Nektarios Stamatelos, lives and works in Athens, as a Painter, and many works of him are in churches in various places of Greece and abroad.
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