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Pericles Oud webPericles Pantoleon was born in May 1968 in Athens. In 1982 he had his first lessons of electric guitar, while in 1986 he goes to Thessaloniki to study in the department of Electrical Engineers of Aristotle University. While in Thessaloniki, he continues his music lessons, watching courses of Flamenco guitar with the musicologist and Flamenco guitar-player Alekos Vengos and participating as a guitarist in various ensembles. In 1992, after successfully completing his studies in the Aristotle University, he travels in Sevilla of Spain in order to study near the Flamenco guitar-player , Carlos Heredia. In 1995 he begun having courses of Eastern music, rhythmical education and Eastern solfez in the "Centre of Musical Education", under the monitoring of Ross Daly, while in 1996 he meets the composer and soloist of the oud Haig Yazdjian, by whoom he is being taught the Oud and arabic maqam theory. The same season he receives Ney courses and lessons for the system of 53 commas, from Yiorgos Symeonidis. In November of 2002, he had an Oud master classes from the soloists Ara Dinkjian, Ziad Rajab, Hussein El Masry and Sakher Hattar, participating at the "International Meeting on the Oud", that was organised by the Cultural Organisation "En Chordais " in Thessaloniki. He is a founding member of arabic music ensemble “ Al Mahabba ”, which from 2003, has given various performances in musical scenes of Athens, as well as in Concert Halls.

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